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Designing of the electronic appliances makes basis of EAE Elektronik’s operation. The company proudly cooperates with Polish and foreign companies. Till now the company has carried out designs for needs of clients from industrial automatics sector, automotive, aviation, telecommunication and household appliances sectors.

PCB Design

EAE Elektronik designing office prepares a design of an appliance based on received specification, functionality requirements and GBR files in -RS- 274X format. Every time a “Designing plan” is established which is updated and supplemented during designing works. The entirety is optimized in terms of use of highest class components at affordable price. Scope of the office services comprises development of the electric circuit, designing of advanced PCB, designing of analogue and digital systems, preparation of software, structural surveys and functional tests. It carries out designs from simple systems to complex solutions of systems comprising many PCB boards with many interfaces, displays, performance appliances etc. Programmers in EAE Elektronik know that clients appreciate individual approach to a design, care for details, possibility to consult it and quick action in case of a potential failure. All designs are validated under conditions the appliances will be used. Clients, who order design and assembly services at the same time, are granted great discounts by EAE Elektronik.

Designers team uses the latest software which enables to visualize a design in 2D and 3D technology. Course of a process is supervised by a project manager. Experts must know all technological novelties and participate in regular trainings.

Electronic appliances designing

Integration of designing & assembly system includes preparation of a prototype with its software. It is developed for micro-controllers, micro-processors and signal DSP processors. One may program mobile appliances to control electronic units. To do this the most frequently there are used applications controlled under varied operating systems (Android, iOS), with use of the modules: ZigBee, GMS, GPS and Bluetooth. The software is developed with use of many software and hardware tools. After completed process, a unit together with full technological documentation and software are delivered to a client.

Electronic contract manufacturing

Electronic appliances designing is one of EMS stages. In this case, complexity of operations means also implementation of a project into production – prototype and multi-series production. Companies dealing with contractual assembly offer technological consulting, advisory services in the field of project execution, supply of electronic components, PCP supply, SMT and THT assembly based on the IPC-A-610E standard. Reliability of the electronics is guaranteed by restrictive approach to the ESD protection and product quality control.

EAE Elektronik has been operating in the electronic market for more than 20 years. Main operational fields of the company is contractual production of EMS electronics, SMD soldering, assembly acc. to the surface and through-hole technology. It has its own EMC laboratory to carry out electromagnetic compatibility tests and user safety. Due to certificates the equipment is reliable even at unfavorable work environment.

Electronic appliances designing

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