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Tests of resistance to electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge ESD devices are of particular importance for the companies in the electronics industry. Products reliability proves their high quality and continuous customer interest. For this reason there is an increased demand for EMC laboratory. 

Testing of electronic equipment

Development of electronic devices laboratory is becoming a trend among companies offering electronics manufacturing services (EMS). Broadening of EMC testing is a result of competitive pricing and willingness to satisfy the customers with complex needs. A trade agreement often requires such testing, e.g. in aviation or medical devices sector.

Electronic devices have to constantly perform its functions and proper working under continuous or impulsive interference is a factor required by the EMC Directive. Tests are carried out at the whole system as well as individual components.

EMC Laboratory – compliance with the derective

EMC Directive is in force since 1996 and refers to the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic and electrical systems on the EU market. It applies to equipment that may cause electrical interference, or in which they affect the functioning. The Directive obliges EMS manufacturers to take necessary  measures in order to implement and distribute an equipment that  satisfy these requirements. Moreover, it is also assumed that the responsibility for proper installation, regular maintenance and use as intended, is on the user side.

Non-compliance with the EMC directive devices results in a lack of sales opportunities in the European Union and countries associated in the EEA. The Directive provides for penalties and necessity of withdrawing non-compliant devices from the market.

Specialized laboratory of EMC measurement

EAE Elektronik is an electronic contract manufacturer from Poland that offers a specialized EMC Laboratory services. The laboratory equipment includes, among others, BURST generators, SURGE and ESD simulators. We provide prototype testing. We conduct resistance tests for voltage dips and short interruptions, electrostatic discharge immunity,  voltage and current surges. We have a highly specialized ESD pulse simulator, a spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope waveforms of a detailed presentation and rapid detection of rare events. Laboratory tests help to remove possible defects during prototyping process. There is also possibility to redesign devices, so they can meet the EMC requirements. Each test results in generating a detailed report and the possibility of obtaining the approval certificate.

ESD Simulator in EMC Laboratory
More about EMC Laboratory in EAE Elektronik HERE

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