Contract assembly

We specialize in the assembly prototypes, medium and large series of highly specialized electronic systems, also with a large amount of handwork. In addition to our Electronic Manufacturing facility we have a well equipped Mechanical Department.

Contract assembly EMS EAE Elektronik

Contract assembly – Full completion of electronic components

We provide our clients with comprehensive services acquisition and logistics for the completion of the manufacturing BOMs. We have an extensive network of regular suppliers, allowing us to offer competitive prices and conditions of supply of components.

Technical advice

At every stage of the design and manufacture, our specialists consult with clients to develop the most effective methods.

SMT assemblies

We offer two-sided assembly, lead and lead-free compliant with IPC-A-610F, under the conditions of ESD. Component sizes may vary from 01005 (0402 metric) to 74×74 mm. We have advanced production line, equipped with seven machines Fuji NXT, and modern furnace soldering, wave soldering, universal machines for applying the paste, glue and components for printed circuit boards and ceramic substrates for hybrid circuits.

THT assemblies

In order to boost reliability of our products we employ manual through-hole technology mounting, weve soldering, as well as profiling of components leads. When carrying out these processes we use top quality professional and attested soldering alloys.

Inspection, testing, commissioning

We check the mounting and component marking correctness using an AOI system fitted with a single top camera and four side cameras. We also carry out engineerig tests to check electromagnetic compatibility and perform BURST, SURGE and ESD tests to finished devices and components. We provide functional tests in elevated temperatures of up to 250 degrees C.

Automated Optical Inspection in electronics manufacturing EAE Elektronik

We offer a conformal coating to protect the electronic components from these varying conditions and prevent the board from corroding. Selective coating of electronic cicruits is carried out with use of two Nordson Asymtek devices.

Wire harness assemblies

We manufacture bunched wires of electronic devices, automation systems and household appliances. We have state-of-the-art machine park for wire processing and wire crimping.

Marking, packaging, warehousing, logistics

We identify our products with the use of thermal transfer labels with bar codes, including 2D marking methods, allowing tracking of the product at each stage of the production process. We provide warehousing and shipping.

High quality at great rates

The high quality of the services offered by EAE Elektronik is confirmed by the certificates of Management Systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IQNet. We have been distinguished many times in professional competitions, e.g. Fair Play Company and Podkarpackie Business Award. Our greatest success is the first place in the Podkarpackie Region in the competition entitled “Employer-Organizer of Safe Work” organized by the National Labour Inspectorate.

We have a modern production line for surface mount (SMT), through hole (THT), assembly machines, modern furnace soldering, wave soldering, universal machines for applying the paste or glue and components for printed circuit boards and ceramic substrates of hybrid circuits. We have the possibility to install components with size from 0201 to 74x74mm, and a wide range of integrated circuits. Line performance is dependent on the executed projects.

With highly qualified and reliable sources of supply we are able to realize a variety of custom manufacturing projects, guaranteeing customers the assurance of on-time delivery. In cases of special importance for the client, we agree with him all the details of the production process, such as diagnostic procedures. We are flexible when it comes to critical short terms of individual contracts.

Apart from large orders, we make the design unique products and electronic-systems for measurement, control and data acquisition through measurement networks. Their production is often singular. The components work together on the basis of highly secured communication, ensuring error-free transmission of information. Sophisticated algorithms ensure the flawless operation of parts of the system even in case of failure of others.

We guarantee full confidentiality of the specification. If necessary, we are ready to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Electronic manufacturing services EMS EAE Elektronik

Required information for the project valuation:

    • drawing and dimensions of the plate, PCB gerber files
    • list of SMD and THT (BOM)
    • specification of components with division on those provided by customer and the ones provided by EAE Elektronik
  • order volume


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