We have a team of designers with years of experience in designing products based on digital technology and advanced analog technology. By confronting many years of experience and extensive knowledge with the young staff, we create innovative, original and effective solutions.

Our offer includes:

  • PCB design
  • design patterns
  • the design of electronic devices
  • Technical advice
  • programming
  • preparation of technical documentation
  • prototype
  • Testing

Electronic devices design EAE Elektronik


Designing of electronic devices covers realization of electronics and cooperating computer software. This facilitates integration of the system elements as early as at the preparation stage  of its individual components. The whole cycle of designing of electronic devices is realized in our own scope, meaning that it is shortened to the necessary minimum; we also guarantee realization of prototypes.

During the process we apply the most modern software, with the function of designing products in bi-dimensional geometry as well as 3D spatial modelling.

We provide complex service, from the design to serial assembly, with the whole spectrum of our services, obtaining acceptance certificates, production testers, at preferable prices, with the possibility of constant cooperation according to the customer’s production schedules.

Apart from large orders, we also design unique products and electronic – IT systems for measurements, control and acquisition of data by measurement networks. Their production often is individual. The components are mutually compatible providing error free transmission of information. Advanced algorithms guarantee correct operation of the system elements even in the case of failure of the others.

We provide full confidentiality of documentation handed over to us. If required, we are ready to sign an appropriate non-disclosure clause.

PCB 3D model


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