Golden statue ‘Fair Play Company’

The official certificate awards gala ‘Fair Play Company’ (“Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play”) was held in Warsaw in the Expo XXI building on November 27. EAE Elektronik Spółka z o.o. already obtained this title four times, in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. It is a great distinction confirming that we have joined the group of innovative and reliable companies with good economic results. This time, apart from the ‘Fair Play Company’ certificate, we obtained a golden statue for our five-year continuous participation in the programme.

For us, entrepreneurs, the ‘Fair Play Company’ certificate is a reward for our daily work based on respect for our employees, business partners and legal institutions, as well as for our engagement in work for the benefit of our local community and the entire country. It is also a commitment to keep improving ourselves. Using the logo ‘Fair Play Company’ we promote and declare top standards of cooperation with business partners, offices, and employees.


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