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Do you have an idea for a product? Or perhaps you want to create electronics for an existing product? We can help you with that! We will design, create a prototype, and provide the necessary documentation for mass production. In the end, we will produce the finished products for you.

Electronic control systems

We design electronics for home appliances.

Since the inception of our company, we have been designing electronic systems for home appliances. We collaborate with major companies in Poland, providing them with new designs and modifications to existing projects. We have a track record of successfully introducing numerous products to the market.

Why is it worth designing electronics in EAE Elektronik?

Over 1000 completed projects and years of experience give us an advantage over the competition. With us, you don't have to wait for months for a project.

Years of experience

Hundreds of completed projects, mainly device controllers for the household appliances industry.

Nowoczesne rozwiązania

We have developed ready-made speech and gesture control solutions that can be integrated with any devices.

Cost optimization

During the design process, we make every effort to use the smallest possible number of components.

Dashboard, air condition control systems

We design electronics for the automotive industry.

We are aware of the importance of safety and reliability in the automotive industry. That's why we design electronics with meticulous attention to detail.

Capacity Touch, HMI and LCD interfaces

Advanced technologies and solutions

Reliability and durability of our solutions are key elements that have allowed us to establish a strong position in the electronics market.

Touch technologies

Capacitive switches and sliders are non-wearing components that ensure silent operation. They do not undergo wear and tear during usage, and in many cases, they allow for the elimination of additional components, reducing the overall cost of the solution.

Sterowanie silnikami BLDC

We have extensive experience in building energy-efficient controllers for BLDC PMSM motors, including sensorless solutions utilizing field-oriented control (FOC). The advantage of our solution is high energy efficiency, and the use of a sensorless variant reduces costs and improves product reliability.

HMI, LCD interfaces

We create interfaces using color LCD displays with touch control. The display, ranging from 5" to 7" in size, allows for the presentation of a large amount of information while maintaining clarity and intuitive operation. An additional advantage of our HMI solutions is the visually appealing nature of the product.

LEC lightning

We design LED light strips and panels with non-standard shapes. We carefully select components that best suit the client's application. We create solutions that allow for the adjustment of lighting color temperature.

Gestures, IoT

We implement modern solutions

We offer ready-made modules for gesture control and integration with leading voice control systems (Google Home, Alexa). We can integrate these modules with any device.

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