Selective application of protective coatings

PCBA protective coating

We offer selective application of protective coatings on assembled PCBs. We use various types of coatings depending on the project requirements. We have two fully automated coating lines ready for large production batch.

Protective coating in EAE Elektronik

Applying protective coatings allows for maintaining the durability and reliability of electronic devices.

2 coating lines

They ensure short lead times even for larger quantities of electronics.

Mass coating

We perform high-volume production coating.


We use three types of coatings depending on the project specifications.

Preparing PCB for varnishing

Cleaning PCBs

Before proceeding with varnishing, PCBs go through a cleaning process in special KOLB washers. This ensures that the surface of the PCB is clean and optimally prepared for the application of conformal coating. Such a prepared surface ensures the durability of the applied varnish.

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