Through-hole assembly

Contract through-hole assembly

Through-Hole Technology (THT) assembly is one of the methods used for mounting electronic components on a PCB. We perform it in accordance with the standards of the international IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries) standard.

Components tracking


We monitor and record production processes. Each electronic board is assigned a unique serial number, and information about the used components is stored in the database.


Why EAE Elektronik?

We perform both selective wave soldering and surface mount soldering.

Two waves

For selective soldering

They provide precise soldering of through-hole components.


Through-hole components

We register the components used in the production process of each product.


We minimize unnecessary costs

Before the project enters production, we consult and suggest optimization changes.


Wave soldering and selective soldering


After placing through-hole components on the PCBs, they undergo a soldering process using either wave soldering or selective soldering, in either leaded or lead-free technology.

Experienced employees

Experienced employees

At EAE Electronics, we have been committed to ensuring high qualifications of our employees since the beginning of the company. Your project will be handled by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the electronics industry, who have successfully completed hundreds of complex projects during that time.

Experienced employees

EPA zone

Our production hall is air-conditioned, ensuring optimal temperature and humidity in the manufacturing area. The hall is always kept clean and free from dust. CCTV monitoring enables continuous supervision by the management team over the production processes.

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