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X-Ray inspection

In response to the requirements of the modern electronic industry, we have expanded our range of services to include X-ray inspection of PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies).

Excellent image sharpness

22x ZOOM

Excellent image sharpness

We use top-quality equipment that guarantees clear and sharp images. It provides a viewing angle of 70°, allowing for detailed observations.

Advantages of X-ray inspection

Performing X-Ray inspection provides assurance that the electronic assembly has been correctly executed.

22x ZOOM

High quality images in large magnification.


The ability to observe electronics at an angle of up to 70 degrees.

Images and reports

Report prepared by our technicians and photos from the performed service.

X-ray Inspection

Sample photos from the X-ray inspection

High-quality X-Ray photos make it possible to detect even the smallest assembly defect and solve the problem at the production stage. This allows you to reduce the costs of service logistics in end devices.

X-Ray inspection PCBA - EAE Elektronik
X-Ray inspection PCBA - EAE Elektronik X-Ray inspection PCBA - EAE Elektronik

Inspection of multi-pin devices.

Ability to observe hidden connections.

The device allows for the observation of hidden connections under the housing, heatsink, or protective coating layer. It is essential for determining the correctness of assembly for modern multi-pin devices, such as BGA and CSP.

Ability to observe hidden connections.

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