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Electronics Manufacturing Services

The main area of ​​our activity are comprehensive services of contract assembly of electronics. We carry out orders from A to Z. We design, create prototypes and prepare the product for mass production. We also provide full logistical support related to the completion of components needed for production.

EAE Elektronik

A comprehensive range of services

We advise, design, complete all necessary components, assemble electronics, test, program electronics systems and many other things that make up the final product. We keep you informed about the progress of production at every stage of the project.

SMT assembly

We have 3 fully automatic production lines of the renowned Fuji NXT brand.

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THT assembly

Through-hole components are placed manually and then soldered using a laminar or selective wave.

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Electronics design

We comprehensively design electronics, optimize the design in terms of subsequent mass production costs.

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Applying Conformal Coating

We use three types of protective coatings: acrylic, silicone and Humiseal.

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Components Completion

Thanks to cooperation with leading suppliers of components, we can guarantee the availability and low price of components.

X-Ray Inspection

We provide the service of X-ray inspection of electronic devices.

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Construction of production testers

We design and manufacture testers/programmers for electronic devices for mass production.


We perform a wide range of EMC tests in preparation for certification. Additionally, we perform environmental, thermal and vibration tests.

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Cable bundles

Cabel bundles

Programming of electronic systems

We design and manufacture electronic device programmers for mass production.

Packing and shipping of finished products

At the customer's request, we pack the products in boxes, ready for the end customer.

Product labeling

We print and stick labels on finished products.

EPA Zone

Our production hall is air-conditioned, which ensures optimal temperature and humidity of the production room. The hall is always kept clean and free of dust. CCTV monitoring enables continuous supervision of the management over the production processes.

Prototypes of electronic devices

Prototype production

We provide prototype services with short delivery time!

Prototype production
Mass production of electronic devices

Mass production

Mass production of electronic devices

Need more electronics? Write to us! We will analyze your project and optimize it for mass production.

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